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Jon Busch Allegedly Slapped A Ball Kid In Kansas City

Sporting Kansas City beat the San Jose Earthquakes at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park on Sunday 2-1 to snap a four match winless streak for KC.

While the facts of the match have received all of the headlines so far, we likely will be hearing a lot more about an incident late in the match very soon.

Late in the second half, San Jose Earthquakes' goalkeeper Jon Busch is alleged to have done something awful.

For those unaware, the Cauldron is the largest supporter's group in KC.

If Busch has indeed struck a ball kid, then I think we can all fully expect Major League Soccer's disciplinary committee to come down extremely hard on him suspension-wise. Earlier this season, Houston Dynamo's Colin Clark received a three match ban for hurling a gay slur at a ball kid in Seattle.

What kind of suspension could Busch be facing if these allegations prove to be true? This month in Switzerland, FC Sion's Geoffroy Serey Die received an 8 match ban for striking a ball kid.