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Brendan Rodgers To Be New Liverpool Manager

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Brendan Rodgers has agreed to become the Liverpool manager, and now he has plenty of work to do cleaning up Kenny Dalglish's mess.

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Apparently Brendan Rodgers can only say no to Liverpool for so long. 12 days after declining to speak with the club about their manager position, Rodgers has agreed to become the Reds' next manager, taking over for Kenny Dalglish at Anfield. Rodgers has agreed to a three-year deal with Liverpool and Swansea will receive £4-5 million in compensation.

The 39-year-old Rodgers has been pegged as the next great manager from the British Isles and has been linked to seemingly every opening in England. He did a marvelous job with Swansea, getting them promoted and then finishing in 11th in their first season in the Premier League. And not only did his teams win, but they played attacking, entertaining football, which made Rodgers the darling of the British football world. It apparently also made him the apple of Liverpool's eye because he was said to be the Reds' top choice.

Now Rodgers will set about fixing the mess at Anfield. Dalglish spent tens of millions to remake the Liverpool squad, but did so foolishly. He brought in overpriced players who could never make the impact that Dalglish wanted and those players took the brunt of the blame as the club suffered through a miserable season that finished in eighth place. Rodgers will likely be given a fair bit of money to spend, but he is not only going to have to buy smart, he will have to get more out of the Dalglish buys if Liverpool is going to have any success next season.

Why exactly Rodgers changed his mind about Liverpool is unclear. Just 12 days ago he wouldn't even speak with Liverpool and now he has the job? After Rodgers said no, Liverpool was linked to Roberto Martinez, Andre Villas-Boas, Fabio Capello and seemingly every manager in the world that didn't require Wikipedia to recognize. Your mother was probably linked to Liverpool. But 12 days later, here is Rodgers, the new Liverpool manager.

The money and prestige of the Liverpool job had to lure Rodgers some. Swansea just paid a club record £6.8 million for Gylfi Sigurdsson, which is basically chump change to Liverpool. Having millions to spend must have appealed to Rodgers, as did having the Kop chant his name, but it is still a curious move. Liverpool is not in the Champions League nor near it. They only finished three spots ahead of Swansea last year and have as many problems as any club around. With Rodgers' stock so high, it would not have been long before a team that is really competing for Champions League football came calling.

For whatever reason, Liverpool appealed to Rodgers, but getting the job was the easy part. The new ownership from Fenway Sports Group has already set about fixing the mess made by the club's previous owners, Hicks and Gillett, but the Reds now have to fix Dalglish's mess. Rodgers, you're up.