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Robert Griffin III Trying Out This Soccer Thing

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Robert Griffin III likes football ... maybe both kinds?

The Heisman Trophy winner and now starting Washington Redskins quarterback (poor him) clearly knows a thing or two about hand-egg-ball, but how about round-kicking-ball?

Griffin was spotted at the United States vs. Brazil friendly at the Redskins' FedEx Field wearing a U.S. soccer jersey. There are several possible explanations for this: he is a soccer fan; he is sponsored by Nike and ADIDAS, but Nike sponsors the U.S. team; the Redskins made him go; his sweet dreadlocks look way better in soccer than when under a helmet. You pick your favorite reason.

He looks pretty good in the soccer jersey, and ignoring the whole knowledge of the sport and skill things -- you know, minor things -- a 6-foot-2 guy who can run a 4.38 40 might find a home on the soccer field. Let's add it to the list of possible occupations for him besides NFL quarterback, a list that already included lawyer, Supreme Court justice, astronaut, fashion maven and all-around cool cat. RGIII will have all of the jobs.