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VIDEO: There's Nothing Like a Swift Kick in the...

The following video is going to be painful to watch but you will none the less click the continue reading this post link and enjoy a glorious moment of unsporting behavior from Fenerbahce's Emre against Trabzonspor's Didier Zokora.

There is no more brutal and sinister attack than a kick to a man's "privates" and anyone's who has experienced this event, from the most violent contact to the casual brush, knows the pain and suffering than can ensue. So gentlemen prepare yourselves for the reaction you know is coming.

OUCH! That's not cool at all, though to be honest, I might be more upset at the referee. A yellow card?!! All you have have for that brutal attack on a man's "bait and tackle" is a yellow card?! If ever there was need for a red card, this was it. Hopefully Zokora is alright in the aftermath of this brutal assault, but I expect he'll be walking gingerly for the next few days and become very intimate with some bags of ice.