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It's a Pitch Invading Chicken! And It Has a Cape!!

Blackburn Rovers and Wigan Athletic are locked in a relegation six-pointer at Ewood Park today. The outcome of the match could decide the fate for one or both clubs and whether or not they'll be in the Premier League next year.

Of course no one will be talking about thanks to an insane genius inducing a moment of hilarity with possibly the greatest pitch invasion in the history of pitch invasions.

I give you...The Blackburn Chicken!


As you no doubt noticed, it's no ordinary has a cape!!

So this of course begs the question, is this simply a Rovers supporting chicken? Is this a superhero chicken that is still developing a snazzy outfit? Is it an evil genius chicken hell bent on destroying Ewood Park? The possibilities are endless!

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for all us said chicken was caught and removed by the combination of Yakubu Aiyegbeni and Ali Al-Habsi and will no doubt be sent to a place more appropriate for chickens. Hopefully they'll let the chicken keep the cape as it is quite stylish.

I'm curious though, how did someone smuggle a chicken inside the stadium?

oh well, eat your heart out Anfield Cat.