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France Vs. England, Euro 2012: England Cranking Up The Pressure

Franck Ribery's been working very hard today on both phases of play. For his troubles, he's wiped out by a Steven Gerrard and James Milner sandwich combination following a Karim Benzema mistake which put him under silly pressure. The winger stays down, but England don't much care, going on the offensive and forcing Phillippe Mexes to concede a corner kick.

Said corner nearly results in a goal, with Chelsea centre half rising above the defence but slightly miscuing his header and eventually forcing another corner. This is good stuff from England - they're putting a significantly better side under major pressure by playing football that's muscular, quick and actually fairly intelligent. If they keep this up, they can nick a point, especially if they can keep the France central midfielders as quiet as they have been...

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