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Poland Vs. Russia, Euro 2012: Dzagoev Gives Russia The Lead

We're most of the way through what's been an excellent first half, and we've finally had a goal. A real goal, not the admittedly lovely Eugen Polanski one that was ruled out for offside twenty minutes in. It's Russia who've taken the lead, making the most of a foul by on left back Yuri Zhirkov. Andrei Arshavin swung in the free kick, and some very lax marking on Poland's part allowed Alan Dzagoev to get his head to the delivery and buried it past Przemyslaw Tyton for a 1-0 lead.

Don't expect that to hold up, though. This has been a thrilling, open match thus far, and both teams have looked exceptionally dangerous. Russia will obviously be happy they're 1-0 up, but they can't have any expectation that they'll be able to sit back and defend their lead against a very adventurous Poland side. A win here would guarantee qualification to the next round for Russia, although Poland might still be able to advance even with a loss.