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Netherlands Vs. Germany, Euro 2012: Lines, Odds And Picks

This is it for the Netherlands. If they lose here they might as well kiss their chances at the knockout stages goodbye, which isn't particularly good for a team with eyes on the trophy. Oh, and they have to do it against Germany, one of the title favorites. Cry, Holland, cry.

Lines: Germany, pick 'em (-130). Netherlands, pick 'em (+110).

Odds: Germany, +140. Netherlands, +180. Draw, +240.

Over/Under: Over 2.5, -105. Under 2.5, -115.

This one has Germany written all of it, but the question here is whether to take the -130 or the +140. Obviously the -130 is safer, but does anyone think that the Netherlands can handle Mesut Ozil. If you're not sure, go with the -130 because the idea of the Dutch getting through the impenetrable Mats Hummels is hilarious, but the +140 is tempting. Roll with that if you want the payout, which is worth the risk.

The over/under isn't worth betting. Rumors out of the Netherlands are that they are experimenting with Rafael van der Vaart in a double pivot and Dirk Kuyt at right back for this match. Will they actually do that? Won't they? Betting on the over/under with that much up in the air is foolish. If you must, over.