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Sweden Vs. England, Euro 2012: Kickoff Delayed 15 Minutes

Although the weather is not expected to be a problem in Kiev, where England and Sweden will be contesting the late game in Group D, the thunderstorms that hit Donetsk earlier will have an impact there as well. Awful weather - we're talking thunder, lighting ripping the sky in half, and the pitch flooding - forced Ukraine vs. France into a nearly hour-long suspension, and that meant that that match would have extended into the scheduled time for Zlatan's Ibrahimovic's festival of fun.

UEFA couldn't be having that (it's bad for television to have two games going simultaneously), and therefore kickoff in England vs. Sweden has been pushed back fifteen minutes to the top of the hour. That game will now begin at 3:00 PM EDT (10:00 PM local). Don't worry, though - you'll still get your full allocation of Zlatan. Hopefully nobody does a rain dance in Kiev or anything.