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VIDEO: Danny Welbeck Blows Your Mind With Winner Vs. Sweden

In a tournament that has already produced a rather ridiculous number of highlights, England forward Danny Welbeck's winner against Sweden in the European Championships could stand up as the best of them all. The 21-year-old made a nice run into the middle of the goal box and somehow managed to back heel a ball past a defenseless Andreas Isaakson. What made the goal even more impressive was that the pass was behind Walbeck and he was already airborne when the ball got to him.

That the goal allowed England to overcome a 2-1 deficit and put them in position to advance to the quarterfinals with nothing more than a tie against Ukraine in their final group-stage match just ends up being the cherry on top. It also ended up being the play that was the nail in the coffin of Sweden's chances. The culmination of all these things are what turn youngsters like Welbeck into celebrities almost over night.