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Euro 2012: Both Matches Underway In Group B

We're underway in the final matches in Group B play, and already, it's all one-way traffic in both games. Germany and the Netherlands are already laying siege to the nets of their opponents, but there haven't been any clear scoring chances yet. This isn't a terribly surprising development as the Netherlands have been attacking their opposition's goal and setting up in their area with no results for two games while Denmark always start sitting back a bit.

Contrary to initial reports, Silvestre Varela is not in the Portugal lineup, and Miguel Veloso has not been dropped. Portugal is in their usual 4-3-3, and it's a tad bit defensive. If Germany defeats or draws Denmark, Portugal just needs a draw to go through, so there's no reason for them to be overly attacking.

Because Denmark lost to Portugal, they can't afford to be too conservative, though throwing caution to the wind against Germany is a good way to get torn up. Martin Olsson has to find the right balance between aggression and pragmatism.

We'll have live coverage of both of Saturday's games simultaneously in our Euro 2012, Group B Finale StoryStream. For more on Euro 2012 and the entire world of football, follow @SBNationSoccer on twitter.

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