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Group C, Euro 2012: Scenarios For Advancement On The Final Matchday

The final day of a group stage is never easy. Who is going through if this happens and if that happens and all that jazz? Ireland has made all of that much easier, though, by virtue of being eliminated already. It is much easier to figure out scenarios when one team is inconsequential, so all we really need to know is what could happen with Spain, Croatia and Italy. Thanks, Ireland. Poor Ireland.

So what are the scenarios for advancement in Group C of Euro 2012? We lay them out, just hope that Spain and Croatia don't draw while Italy win because that could get messy.

Spain advance if: A win or a draw doesn't just guarantee that Spain are onto the quarterfinals, but that they are the Group C winners. They will also advance even if they lose to Croatia so long as Ireland win or draw against Italy.

Croatia advance if: Like Spain, Croatia advance with a win or even with a loss so long as Ireland win or draw, but if the Croats draw with Spain then things can get dicey. A Croatia draw and a Ireland win or draw puts them through, but a Croatia draw and Italy win means that Croatia need to draw 2-2 or higher to guarantee advancement. A 1-1 draw for Croatia and Italy win means the will need Italy to only win by one goal or by a score of 2-0. Any other scoreline in an Italy win and Croatia is out, and they are also out if they draw 0-0 and Italy win.

Italy advance if: A win is the only way Italy has a chance to win. Three points puts Italy through to the knockout stages so long as Croatia or Spain win, but a draw between the two has a lot of scenarios. A 0-0 draw between Croatia and Spain would put Italy through and a 1-1 draw would require that Italy win by two goals and score at least three goals. Even if they win, Italy will not be through if Croatia and Spain draw 2-2 or higher.

Ireland advance if: Nothing. They have been eliminated.

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