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ALL HAIL ZLATAN! Ibrahimović Scores Goal Of Euro 2012

Zlatan Ibrahimović could have been the star of Euro 2012, but with him you never know. He certainly wasn't going to be much of a star if his Sweden team struggled, and it did, failing to earn a point in either of its first two matches.

But did anyone think that Ibrahimović was going leave the tournament without the littlest bit of commotion? Of course not. So he made a gigantic commotion. A gigantic commotion of gigantic goal awesomeness.


There is the turning and the hitting and the jaw-dropping amazing. Meanwhile, Zlatan is just chilling, as if to say, "Yeah, so what? That is what I do." We'd call it "Zlatan-style", but he already has.

Here's the goal in animated GIF form, as well.


Zlatan is a ninja. A super-duper ninja. He is so good at being a ninja that you didn't know he was a ninja, but seriously, he is a ninja. All hail Zlatan.