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Siniša Mihajlović Creates Contract For Players On The Serbian National Side

A couple months ago, Siniša Mihajlović accepted the job as coach of the Serbia national team. Considering there will likely be riots in Serbia should the side not qualify for the 2014 World Cup, the former coach of Fiorentina has decided to make discipline an absolutely essential. To that end, Miha has created a contract for those who will wear the Serbian shirt.

For those of you who don't speak Serbian,* here's the gist: Miha wants players to sign that they will be, well, good football players. They're meant to take a shot when there is an opportunity, to pass when there is a free teammate, to take their place in the wall, and get back to help the defence.

But the contract also takes into consideration a few other factors. Players are to tie the laces tightly on their boots. They are to greet one another with a good morning, every morning (I wonder if a cao would suffice?). They are not to consume alcohol an hour before an important match (two hours is ok, I suppose, or a shot of rakija right before taking to the pitch is permitted as long as it's not an important game).

What seems the most worrisome, though, is the line that says, "I will leave hearts on the field." I'm really hoping this one is metaphorical, because I've already seen what destruction Branislav Ivanovic can cause without this direction.

*Please note that my Serbian is basic at best and I relied heavily upon Google Translate for some of this

**Please also note that it's quite likely this is fake. Who cares? It's amusing.