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Did Chris Wondolowski Misquote 'Goonies'?

It touched a special place in my heart when I learned that Stephen Lenhart had decided to adopt the saying "Goonies Never Say Die" mantra for the San Jose Earthquakes. I'm now wondering if the message hasn't been lost on teammate Chris Wondolowski.

The forward was quoted as saying "Goonies Never Die," by the San Jose Mercury News after scoring the game-winning goal in Wednesday's match. Something stinks.

Either the Earthquakes are not quite as big fans of '80s pop culture as I thought, the reporter is really bad at transcription or he's quietly trying to undermine San Jose's street cred. If I'm the Earthquakes, and we all know how many MLS front offices are dying to hire me, I launch of a fullblown investigation.

I want the tapes. I want to know if Wondolowski really doesn't know the proper saying from the Sean Astin's star-making role. I want to know if this reporter has an ax to grind. The truth must come out!