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Does Cristiano Ronaldo Call Out Lionel Messi?

If Cristiano Ronaldo was going to challenge Lionel Messi as the best player in the world, it would have been after he almost single-handedly beat the Czech Republic, 1-0, to send Portugal through to the Euro 2012 semifinals. He was Mr. Everything for his team, and there are rumors that the Czech Republic are pulling out of all future tournaments until Ronaldo retires.

He also may have called out Messi after scoring the winning goal. He stared into the camera, said something that amateur lip readers might construe as "Messi," then blew a big, fat kiss. He's coming for ya, Messi. SHOTS FIRED.


Non-amateur lip readers (we hear they are called "professionals" or at least that is what they call themselves on Twitter) say that Ronaldo is saying "para ti." That is possible. We are, after all, amateurs. But is it more fun if he says "para ti" or "Messi"? Exactly. SHOTS FIRED.