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VIDEO: Giovani Dos Santos Goal Wins The Highlight Game

Before long, Giovani dos Santos is going to have a 10-minute highlight video of why Harry Redknapp is a fool for never playing him at Tottenham. There is nifty dribbling, fantastic passes, great shots and a slew of mind-boggling goals. It's basically everything you would want from an attacking player.

On Sunday against Brazil, dos Santos added to his highlight reel with maybe his best goal yet. It was scintillating. Just... wow.

80,000 plus fans at Cowboys Stadium sure liked that. Millions more around the world will too when they see the highlights online and on their TV's. Maybe Redknapp has one of those glowing picture boxes too and can see this? If not then there are plenty of other clubs around the world who will jump at the opportunity to sign him and, gasp, play him.

In the meantime, watch dos Santos play for Mexico. It's really super special.

(Hat tip to 101 Great Goals for the video).

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