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Germany Vs. Portugal, Euro 2012: I'm Borrrrred

That would have been the best one-two goal ever. Thomas Mueller plays a long switch to Lukas Podolski, who's able to get the the ball back into Mueller at the far post. Mueller fires wide enough that he'd have missed two goals, but at least it's on the ground.

Honestly, this game's been pretty disappointing. Bastian Schweinsteiger should be running things and he isn't -- he still looks like a shell of his former self in midfield. Podolski and Mueller could both be doing better. Mario Gomez isn't getting any service. Mesut Ozil's playing well, although that's kind of normal. Portugal, meanwhile, have had difficulty getting the ball to Cristiano Ronaldo, which is the entire point of Portugal.

They do manage to get it to Nani on a counterattack, however, and the Manchester United man earned Holger Badstuber a booking when the centre back is forced to foul him to stop the winger breaking down the right. Exciting, eh? (Not that exciting.)

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