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Germany Vs. Portugal, Euro 2012: 2nd Half Kicks Off

Who's ready for more? Pepe's Grand Tour of Manuel Neuer's Woodwork, which in retrospect sounds like a very odd adult film, has spiced things up in Portugal vs. Germany, which has just kicked off in the second half. It's 0-0 still, but Germany have already been much more positive than they were in the first. Lukas Podolski and Thomas Mueller have already had shots well blocked in the first two minutes, and it looks like the favourites are going to push very hard for a goal.

If Portugal were disconcerted by the fast start, they didn't show it. Nani cuts past Philipp Lahm to open up space for a cross, which Mats Hummels heads clear for a corner, but they're still on the attack and Cristiano Ronaldo eventually skims a low shot straight at Neuer. Not his best effort, that.

We have live coverage of the game in our Germany vs. Portugal, Euro 2012 StoryStream. For more on Euro 2012 and the entire world of football, follow @SBNationSoccer on Twitter.