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GIF: Awkward Mascots Make For Awkward High Fives

For reasons unknown to pretty much everyone, every major international soccer tournament needs a mascot, often multiple mascots. Apparently nothing screams "world-class sports" like invented animals and creatures jumping around. Sometimes it gets even better, though, when the mascot is made to look like an overexcited human with the grin of a pedophile. World-class sports!


The organizers of Euro 2012 decided to go with the overexcited human look, only he has designs cut into his hair to give him the necessary mascot pizzazz. Don't worry, the grin of a pedophile is still there (even if it's not visible in the GIF -- trust me, it's there).

You will notice that Pepe is oddly excited to high five this mascot, dubbed Slavek (Fun fact: he has a Ukrainian twin named Slavko). The rest are more weary of this interloper, making for spectacularly awkward high fives.

Not pictured is Cristiano Ronaldo asked Slavek for hair tips.