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Portsmouth Ready To Hang "Help Wanted" Signs

Are you an semi-able-bodied human being? Do you understand the basic rules of soccer, such as kick the ball in the other net more than the other team kicks it in yours? If you answered yes then Portsmouth wants you!

The financially troubled club is currently in administration and has been penalized 10 points to start the next season. Oh, and they are all the way down in League One. But before they can worry about that they need to put together a team. Seriously, they need a team because 10 players is not a team and right now that is all they have per the team's website.


Besides the obvious lack of players and calling it a "team", they apparently think that a team needs eight forwards and then only four goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders. With these counting and prioritization skills I can't fathom how they ran out of money again and again.