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Chelsea Vs. MLS, 2012 All-Star Game: Blues Equalize On John Terry Header

John Terry was at fault on the MLS All-Stars' opening goal -- he couldn't clear the ball from in front of goal and basically left it right on the doorstep for Chris Wondolowski to knock it home, putting MLS in front. Well, the MLS team is not in front anymore and that, too, is thanks to Terry, who redeemed himself by getting on the end of a corner kick and heading home to level the match at 1-1 in the 32nd minute.

If one was to assign blame on the goal, it would go to Aurelien Collin, although "blame" is harsh here. Terry did well to subtly push Collin, rise high and snap a header home; that Collin had just come back onto the pitch after being injured did not help matters. But that's what happened -- Terry scored, and this exhibition is all even at one goal apiece.

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