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Hope Solo Does Not Care For Brandi Chastain's Analysis

Hope Solo is not one for self-editing, as you may have heard. So, it's probably of only little surprise that Solo took some umbrage with mildly critical comments Brandi Chastain made about the United States' defense and some of Solo's goalkeeping decisions during their 3-0 win over Colombia on Saturday.

Does this make Solo look petty? Sure. Is a distraction? Doubtful. Is it kinda hilarious? Definitely.

That Solo waited until the game had been over for about 30 minutes before taking her issues public only serves to make the whole situation seem even more ridiculous. Considering this happened so close to the end of the game, it seems a bit unlikely that Solo really had a chance to hear the comments herself.

It's also not entirely clear what Chastain said that was so worthy of response. She made a few statements that were critical of the U.S. defense and a couple others that were mildly critical of Solo herself, but nothing that seemed over the top.

More likely, this is something that Solo heard about second hand and considering her already checkered past with Chastain, wasn't particularly inclined to get all the details.

Chastain called Solo's recent positive drug test a "distraction" last month. Back in January, Solo was not happy with Chastain's analysis during the United States' 27-0 qualifying run.

This is hardly the end of the world, but if Solo is trying to raise the profile of women's soccer, this probably the wrong way to go about it.

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