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VIDEO: Steven Lenhart Scores In Fergie Time

It really is that kind of season for the San Jose Earthquakes. Trailing the Chicago Fire and down a man in stoppage time, they managed to pull out a point when Steven Lenhart sent a laser into the back of the net in the ... 98th minute? Yes, you read that right, Lenhart scored the equalizer in the 8th minute of second-half stoppage time. No, in case you were wondering, that was not the initial amount of time given.

The Earthquakes apparently managed to channel their inner Sir Alex Ferguson and managed to squeeze out three extra minutes of stoppage time, which were apparently given after Alan Gordon took his sweet time getting off the field when he was shown a second yellow card in the 93rd minute.

Just to make the ridiculous story just a little more sublime, Lenhart scored the goal on "Steven Lenhart Wig Night" which he promptly paraded around with on the sidelines.

Destiny much?