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VIDEO: Jack McInerney Keeps The Back-Heel In Vogue

Where has Jack McInerney been hiding? Suddenly free of the shackles that had him tied to Peter Nowak's bench, the 19-year-old was at it again on Wednesday. This time, scoring a pretty little back-heel while being tightly marked at the end of the first half against the LA Galaxy. It was his third goal in three league starts.

McInerney also scored a goal in the Philadelphia Union's win over the Harrisburgh City Islanders in the U.S. Open Cup quarterfinals, giving him four goals in four starts under new head coach John Hackworth.

McInerney's latest goal comes on the, ahem, heels, of a similar goal by Chris Wondolowski on Saturday. That goal was, coincidentally, also scored against the Galaxy. Apparently, MLS forwards have found the Galaxy's, ahem, Achilles' Heel.