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Malaga President Rants On Twitter About La Liga TV Money Distribution

A fight has been brewing in La Liga over the last few months, and Malaga president Abdullah bin Nasser Al-Thani poured lighter fluid on the situation today via his personal twitter account. Al-Thani pulled no punches in discussing what he described was the "corrupt" distribution of television money.

While his rant encompassed 19 tweets, the Shiekh called on an open investigation by the Spanish press that are "non-politicized by big clubs" into "bribes by some clubs (without mentioning any names)". He also claimed that "there are some clubs that evade taxes in their own way and you know them well" without going into any further detail. It is clear that he is referring to Barcelona and Real Madrid.

According to Al-Thani, Barcelona and Real Madrid will receive €135 million from television money. Third place Valencia will receive €65 million, and fourth place Malaga will receive only €13 million. He then goes on to demand equal distribution of the television money to all 20 La Liga clubs.

It will be interesting to see what the response to this statement is throughout Spain as Barcelona and Real Madrid's lead over everyone has ballooned to 25 points three years ago, 21 points two years ago, and a nearly unbelievable 30 points this past season.