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USA Vs. Canada, 2012 Olympics: Megan Rapinoe's Olimpico Gets USWNT Levels

The United States were pressing and pressing Canada, pushing for an equalizer, but nobody thought that an Olimpico would get them level -- not that the Americans are complaining. Megan Rapinoe put a corner kick straight into the goal was an amazing goal to equalize for the U.S. and put them on the front foot in this Olympic semifinal.

Canada had not led the U.S. in a match since way back in 2003 so when they scored first, everybody was stunned. Could the U.S., who has played in all four Olympic gold medal matches really fall in the semifinals to the team they have so thoroughly dominated for years? Maybe, but it wouldn't be without a fight and that's what the U.S. gave them. They pressured Canada, created chances and drew fouls and corner kicks seemingly at will.

Finally in the 54th minute it paid off. Rapinoe curled her corner kick just around the post and with Rachel Buelher in front of the goal occupying a defender and the goalkeeper, the ball was able to just barely get across the line. The ball deflected off of a defender and found the net amid a scrum inside the net, but by that point that ball had already crossed the line and Rapinoe had herself the unbelievably rare Olympic Olimpico to get the U.S. even.