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Sergio Ramos calls referee a "sinvergüenza", handed a five-match ban

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Real Madrid will be without their starting central defender after Sergio Ramos blew up at the referee and fourth official following his red card in Los Blancos Copa del Rey victory over Celta Vigo

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos was handed a five-match ban by the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) after he was sent off against Celta Vigo yesterday and made some rude comments towards the officials. Madrid won their Copa del Rey fifth round tie but will now be without yet another defender for an extended period.

Ramos was shown a second yellow card late in the match against Celta after a dangerous tackle from behind on Augusto Fernandez, but it was his comments to the officials that got him in trouble. The RFEF handed him the extended suspension after determining that the defender insulted the referee.

Shocking behavior Sergio!

According to the referee's post-match report, Ramos had some choice words for him as he left the pitch.

"As soon as he was shown the second yellow card, Real Madrid's No. 4, Sergio Ramos Garcia, addressed my person in the following terms: 'You are a shameless scoundrel (sinvergüenza),' repeating that phrase three times and saying 'You have spent the whole f**ing day f***ing us', repeating that phrase twice,"

Ramos then proceeded to voice his displeasure with the fourth official before finally leaving for the locker room. According the referee's report Ramos approached the fourth official and continued his tirade.

"Later, when he arrived at the bench, he addressed the assistant referee in the following terms: 'Always the same. What shameless scoundrels you are', repeating this phrase twice."

Ramos wasn't still steamed in a post-match interview, but he did take to Twitter later to apologize.

Translation: I regret the incident with the referee, are moments of tension produced by my expulsion. We say things we later regret.

Assuming there's no appeal or potential reduction of the suspension, Ramos will miss league matches against Osasuna, Valencia, Getafe and their Copa del Rey quarter-final against Valenica.