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Eden Hazard sent off for kicking ballboy in League Cup semifinal

Chelsea looked like they were pressing hard for a goal as they attempted a comeback against Swansea in their League Cup semifinal. Then Eden Hazard kicked a ballboy.

Michael Steele

Eden Hazard was shown a red card for kicking a ballboy on Wednesday. Quickly, here's some background.

In the first leg of their League Cup semifinal tie against Swansea City, Chelsea shockingly lost 2-0 at home, meaning they needed to win by two goals to force extra time in the return leg at the Liberty Stadium on Wednesday. Swansea defended very well to keep Wednesday's score 0-0 -- thus keeping a two-goal lead -- and had Chelsea extremely frustrated when the ball rolled out for a goal kick in the 77th minute.

The Swansea ballboy decided to waste time by refusing to give Hazard the ball when he ran over to retrieve that. That didn't go over well. GIF from @bubbaprog.


Hazard will earn an automatic three-game suspension for getting sent off for violent conduct, and given that he lashed out at someone who wasn't even playing in the game, the FA is likely to hit him with a lengthier ban. Even if the kid on the receiving end of Hazard's boot certainly wasn't just an innocent bystander, the FA is going to come down hard on players who kick ballboys, every time.