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David Beckham to donate Paris Saint-Germain salary to charity

David Beckham has announced that he will donate his salary at Paris Saint-Germain to a French children's charity.

Harry How

David Beckham will be paid a salary at PSG, but he won't be seeing any of it - instead, the former England captain has announced he will donate it all to a French children's charity.

Beckham's salary at the club is believed to be around £150,000 per week, so it's no small figure we're talking about. Speaking on the matter, Beckham said: "We've decided my salary will go towards a local children's charity in Paris and that's one of the things we're very excited and proud to be able to do. I'm not sure it's been done before but it's something I'm very passionate about."

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Of course, if you'll forgive us for getting cynical, it could also be a way for Beckham and the club to pay less tax, which can be offset by charitable donations. But either way, a lot of French kids will be happy.

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