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Atletico Madrid vs. Sevilla, 2013 Copa del Rey: Final score 2-1, Atleti wins a wild match

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Atletico Madrid head in to the second leg with a 2-1 advantage over Sevilla in a match that featured three players sent off and all three goals scored via penalty kicks.

Jasper Juinen

Atletico Madrid won the first leg of their Copa de Rey semifinal against Sevilla 2-1. It was a wild match to say the least as three players were sent off and all three goals were scored from the spot.

The win puts Atleti in a good spot as they head towards the second leg on February 27th. Sevilla does have an away goal at least, but will need a better performance if they hope to turn things around and make the final.

The first 30 minutes was fairly ugly soccer as both sides just sort of hammered away at each other. Things settled down as Sevilla finally began to sit back allowing Atletico to grab control of the play. Adrian and Diego Costa both came close for Atleti but nobody could break through in the first half.

Things started to go a bit crazy in the 49th minute when Sevilla's Emir Spahic went to ground trying to earn a foul coul and slapped the ball away inside the 18-yard box. Instead of winning his appeal, the referee showed him his second yellow card of the match, allow Diego Costa to put Atletico in front 1-0, beating Beto from the penalty spot.

Sevilla sat back even more down a man and were able to fight back in to the match in the 55th minute when Diego Godín blocked a shot from Álvaro Negredo with his hand, leading to the second penalty of the match. Atleti players weren't impressed with the call but the referee stood firm and Negredo pulled his team back to 1-1.

With 20 minutes left to play, it looked as if Sevilla might be on their way to a solid first leg result, but there was still more twists in the story.

In the 70th minute, defender Fernando Navarro went down in the box, appealing for a foul call against Cebolla Rodriguez. In the process, he handled Ivan Rakitic's errant shot, earning a penalty for Atleti and a yellow card for Navarro. Diego Costa again took the penalty and put Atletico up 2-1.

With five minutes left, Diego Costa was nearly free on goal before Navarro charged in to him, earning a red card and becoming the third player sent off in the match.