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Bayern Munich have a mole and we want to catch him

It appears that someone on the Bayern roster leaked Pep Guardiola's tactical plan to the press ahead of their match against Borussia Dortmund. So of course it got us thinking who might be the mole and what their reasons would be.

Dennis Grombkowski

In the wake of Bayern Munich's 3-0 win over rivals Borussia Dortmund, the biggest story appears to be the existence of a mole in the squad. No, Bayern don't have a subterranean mammal living in their training ground or dressing room ... though that would be pretty cool. Instead, someone on the roster leaked Pep Guardiola's tactics to the press ahead of the Dortmund match and the head coach is not pleased.

So while Guardiola and club chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge won't be bringing in the NSA, their words, not mine, to dig in to the situation — ferret out the mole if you will — it's pretty clear that Pep and Karl are extremely unhappy with the behavior of one of their players.

So of course the million-dollar question is who's the mole? Because Bayern don't seem in a hurry to investigate and expose the traitorous fiend, we're going to try and determine who we think the mole is and the possible reasons behind their treachery.

Mario Götze

The prime suspect clearly as the young midfielder is in his first season with Bayern after joining the club from Dortmund over the summer. Götze came up through Dortmund's youth system, spending over 12 years with the club at the youth and professional level. Perhaps Götze's love of his childhood club runs deeper that anyone knew and he was trying to throw is old mates a bone by giving them a heads up at what was coming ... not that it helped.

Javi Martinez

Another solid suspect thanks to the fact that Javi hasn't been getting much playing time since Pep took over. Perhaps it's a cry for help from the Spanish midfielder/defender and he desperately wants out of Bayern. This could be Javi's plan to get the media to start criticizing Pep to either increase his playing time or get him sold in January.

Holger Badstuber

The defender continues to recover from two successive knee injuries and hasn't played since December 2012. Maybe Badstuber's been a bad boy and decided to leak his coach's tactics out of sheer boredom.

Franck Ribéry

Maybe it was star winger Franck Ribery who leaked the tactics to the press. After all, it's entirely possible that Ribery has become bored with how easy football is and he wants to increase the difficulty level by letting his opponents know what Bayern will be trying to do. It's like increasing the difficulty level on FIFA when you finally get tired of beating everyone 12-0 and realize that you should really challenge yourself a little more.

Or maybe he's been getting wordy during the pillow talk...oh never mind.

Thiago Alcântara

Bored with sitting behind the plethora of midfielders available for selection, perhaps Thiago thought that leaking the team's tactics would help Dortmund defeat Bayern and thus make Pep re-think his lineup choices.

Of course we could be completely wrong about all this, but who cares, it's fun. Feel free to share your thoughts about the mole and who you think leaked the tactics to the press. Be sure to include why as the more ridiculous the reason, the more entertaining.