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Argentines nearly shut out of World Cup tickets

What do you do when you don't like your rival? Don't give them tickets, of course.

Rich Schultz

Brazil and Argentina don't exactly get along when it comes to soccer so with the 2014 World Cup set for Brazil, they have taken measures to make sure those crazy Argentines don't show up. They've denied them tickets.

In the first round of World Cup tickets, Argentines were almost completely shut out of tickets in what is supposed to be a lottery. No lottery works that way.

Suspicious? With FIFA and a World Cup, plus a pretty healthy rivalry in the mix? No, this is just the way the lottery broke. Don't blame Brazil, or their partner FIFA. 1.68% of Argentines getting tickets while most other countries got upwards of 15%, if not more than 20%, is just math. Odds and whatnot.

Math, y'all! Some very, very Brazilian math.