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Timbers fans camp out for tickets to playoff match against the Sounders

No cold or rain could keep the Timbers Army from getting the best seats for their first ever home playoff match. Apparently, neither could a job.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

On matchdays, the Timbers Army lines up outside JELD-WEN Field to get wristbands that will let them into the stadium early to get the best seats. The endline is general admission so for the best seats, you need to get there early and get one of the first wristbands.

For their first ever home MLS playoff match, it becomes a multi-day affair.

Timbers fans started lining up for wristbands on Wednesday night and by the crack of dawn on Thursday, more than 300 Timbers fans were lined up early with the raincoats, umbrellas and even tents so they can be right up front for tonight's Western Conference semifinal second leg, which they enter with a 2-1 lead. That's what the Timbers' first ever home MLS playoff match will do to Portland. That and their hate for the Seattle Sounders.

The line got so long that it wrapped around the block. The campers couldn't even see JELD-WEN Field anymore.

The Timbers and JELD-WEN Field did their part to help their hearty fans out in the rain, too, handing out hot chocolates to those sitting out in the rain. That it helps keep their voices ready for what should be an electric night in Portland is just a bonus.

You can see the Timbers win from anywhere in the stadium, but you can only see Sounders tears from the front row.