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Daniel Sturridge sidelined for 6-8 weeks

Alex Livesey

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has had a remarkable start to the Premier League season, scoring nine goals in 12 appearances, including a very late equaliser at Goodison Park last week. But unfortunately for the 24-year-old (not to mention his club), that phenomenal run has been cut to a halt by an ankle injury picked up in training on Friday. Brendan Rodgers et. al were awaiting the results of his scans; now they're in and they're not good:

Liverpool face a very tough fixture list in December -- they're going to go to White Hart Lane on the 15th and then have back-to-back away matches against Manchester City and Chelsea to close out the season. Going without Sturridge for that time's going to be very tough indeed, but if they can manage to survive without him (and it's not as though Luis Suarez is chopped liver) it bodes very well for their campaign to reestablish themselves as a Champions League side.