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Video: At least somebody still loves Vincent Tan

Cardiff City's Vincent Tan has come in for heavy criticism for his running of the club, but it appears that somebody still loves him - his staff in Malaysia prepared a quite remarkable birthday present.

Michael Steele

Changing the club's kit colours and crest, almost certainly sacking Malky Mackay - Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has come in for heavy criticism for the way he's been running the club of late. That's understandable.

But not everybody hates Vincent Tan. Some people love him. Some people are paid to act as if they love him in order to keep earning a wage, through the medium of song and dance. His various staff in his native Malaysia prepared this quite extraordinary musical number to honour the great man's 60th birthday:

Quite brilliant, we think you'll agree. Catchy, too. Maybe Tan should get whoever's running his PR department in Malaysia to have a go at this Premier League thing. A lot more people would've gone in for the 'Cardiff Red Dragons' move if he'd pitched it with a musical. Even Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea have never done anything as lavish as this.