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Tom Huddlestone gets a haircut on the sideline

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This has been a long time coming.

Over two years ago, while he was playing for Tottenham Hotspur, Tom Huddlestone made a pledge -- as part of an awareness campaign to raise money for cancer research -- that he would not cut his hair until he scored a goal. At the time, he was recovering from what seemed to be a relatively minor knee injury , but it ultimately forced him to miss extensive time. Huddlestone's inability to regain his form in Tottenham's lone Champions League campaign caused them to sell him to Hull City.

Huddlestone has found full form and fitness again at Hull, where he's been the key to their success so far this season, but his deep midfield role doesn't exactly lend itself to scoring goals easily. Thankfully, Fulham are having a very bad season and an even worse day. He scored his team's fourth on Saturday against the Cottagers, ending his drought of 52 club games without a goal.

Appropriately, he had some of his hair chopped off by a member of Hull's staff on the sideline.