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Mauro Goicoechea: Maarten Stekelenburg's new best friend

First he was benched in favour of an unknown Uruguayan, before being denied a transfer mid-flight on deadline day. Now, Maarten Stekelenburg finally has something to smile about.

Paolo Bruno

As if a metaphor for Zdenek Zeman's at-times calamitous reign in charge of Roma, that same unknown Uruguayan, Mauro Goicoechea, tonight dropped the ball into his own net to single handedly -- or no-handedly, as it turned out -- ruin Zeman's second spell at the giallorossi.

This goal made it 3-1, with Roma eventually going 4-2 in their second consecutive defeat to relegation-threatened opposition. After the dreaded vote of confidence just before this game, it now seems that the chain-smoking Czech is headed for the Olimpico's exit door.

On the bright side, at least Maarten Stekelenburg will have enjoyed it.