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Ronaldinho is a big ol' meaniehead

A criminal mastermind schemes away
A criminal mastermind schemes away
Mike Hewitt

Deception is a huge part of football, but Ronaldinho took it to new heights during Atlético Mineiro's Copa Libertadores match against São Paulo last week:

Ronaldinho: A break in the play! Excuse me Mr. Ceni but could I amble towards you and partake in a drink of your water?

Ceni: Why of course it would be an honour to share with one of football's greatest legends!

Ronaldinho: Thank you very much! I shall imbibe this life-giving fluid and then mosey on back into the action.

Ceni: That sounds perfectly agreeable sir.

Ronaldinho: PSYCH!

Ceni: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Ronaldinho: Also I pissed in the bottle somehow.

Ceni: :(

NB: You can't be offside on a throw-in.