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Roma fire coach Zdenek Zeman

Aurelio Andreazzoli will take charge at Roma temporarily, after Zdenek Zeman was shown the door on Saturday.

Giuseppe Bellini

AS Roma fell 4-2 to Cagliari on Friday evening, prompting over 500 supporters to wait outside the Stadio Olimpico and express their displeasure with the way the squad is performing. Unable to pick up any points against relegation strugglers Cagliari, the giallorossi remain in eighth, behind Milan, Fiorentina and even Catania.

Despite the fact that Zdenek Zeman's brand of free-flowing, constant attacking football provided some great entertainment for Serie A watchers -- mostly non-Roma supporters, it must be said -- Roma have picked up just three points in the league since coming back from winter break. It may have been fun, but Zeman just wasn't getting the job done.

And so in comes Aurelio Andreazzoli, temporarily taking the reigns while the club places frantic job ads. It's rumored that former France boss Laurent Blanc was offered the role, but he'd rather head off to Jolly Olde England. The search continues, with club officials likely concentrating on men who have some concept of the definition of "defense."

Which is unfortunate for all lovers of entertainment, theatrics and total meltdowns.