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Craven Cottage floodlights go out during Fulham-Manchester United clash

Floodlight failure has struck Craven Cottage during Fulham's game against Manchester United.

Jamie McDonald

Fulham and Manchester United were having quite a nice day out at Craven Cottage - United were playing well, Fulham were keeping them out, everybody was having a good time - and then boom! The floodlights went out, plunging the whole stadium into total darkness.

The players were generally milling around, having a drink, getting tactical instruction, and we're waiting on developments. Watching ESPN's pundits try to wing it to avoid dead air is not a particularly nice sight. On the plus side, they did inform us after going to their pitchside report that "there's been a floodlight failure." Remarkable insight.

However, it seems things are now all back up and running and we'll have the remainder of the half to play. And everything should be going ahead as normal. On the plus side, it livened things up, made a change, and looked quite pretty. See for yourself:


(image via @BroCadfael)