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Manchester United Chief Executive David Gill to step down in June

David Gill has announced that he will step down from his role as Chief Executive of Manchester United in June.

Julian Finney

Manchester United's Chief Executive, David Gill, has announced that he will be resigning in the summer in favour of his replacement, Ed Woodward.

Gill joined Manchester United in 1987 and has been their Chief Executive since 2003. One of the men who was involved in the transition during the controversial Glazer takeover, Gill has seen United's income increase exponentially but also come in for heavy criticism from the fans after going back on previous warnings against mounting debts, as United continue to pay off loans dating to the takeover.

United announced David Gill's resignation on their official website, with manager Sir Alex Ferguson noting: "I have been at United for over 26 years and for 23 of those years my boss has been one of only two men: Martin Edwards, who brought me to the club, and David Gill. I have enjoyed working with both."

Although stepping down from his role, Gill will be remaining on the United board, and will be seeking election to UEFA's Executive Committee.