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The Colorado Rapids release the best kit ever

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Justin Edmonds

Kit design isn't easy. Coming up with a fresh look without veering into the ditch of catastrophe is a balancing act that none of the major manufacturers manage particularly often. As such, most releases are met with a shrug, a terse nod of approval, or Zach Woosley totally losing his mind.

It's refreshing, then, when someone gets it right. And with the Colorado Rapids' home kits for the next MLS season, Adidas got things very, very right.

That's an attractive kit. The horizontal piping is a good way to break up the flat burgundy that's characterised the Rapids for several years, and they haven't done anything absurd to ruin the rest of the design. A little too much white on the shoulders, perhaps, but other than that, a solid effort and a big improvement on anything we've seen so far out of Color... wait, hold on.

Those are words! Names, in fact. The Rapids have included the names of every single season ticket holder (granted, there aren't that many of them, and they've had to use a good amount of filler) on their home kit. Names on jerseys aren't a brand-new innovation -- both Bayern Munich and Arsenal have done it before -- but that Adidas have managed to pull this off while keeping the shirt as a whole looking great is incredible.

Well done to everyone involved.