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Robbie Rogers is not impressed by his trade to Chicago Fire

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Robbie Rogers sent out a rather cryptic Tweet upon learning his MLS rights had been traded away by the Columbus Crew.

Jamie Sabau

MLS roster rules can be a bit confounding, apparently even to players who have spent most of their careers in the league. The latest example comes to us from Robbie Rogers, who apparently was not very impressed upon learning that his MLS rights had been traded from the Columbus Crew to the Chicago Fire in a trade that was announced on Monday.

Prior to the 2012 MLS season, Rogers left the Crew on a free transfer to join Leeds United. Since the Crew had made some effort to re-sign him, they retained his MLS rights if he were to return.

Rogers' time at Leeds didn't exactly go as planned, though. He was hurt in his debut that caused him to miss several week and then suffered a season-ending ankle injury shortly after coming back. He spent the first part of the 2012-13 season on loan to League One side Stevenage, played sparingly and was essentially released after being returned to Leeds in January.

That once again made Rogers a free and speculation was rife that he'd come back to MLS. Now, that would seem to be in doubt as Rogers doesn't seem very excited about joining the Fire. On one hand, Rogers doesn't seem to be in a very strong bargaining position and comes off sounding rather petulant here. On the other, it probably would have been a good idea for someone with the Fire to reach out to Rogers before acquiring him.