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Are these Liverpool's shirts for the 2013/14 season?

A popular jersey website has found a possible leak of the new Liverpool jerseys for next season. Unless you're a die hard supporter of the Reds, you have to hoping these images are real for purely comic reasons.

Update: We did some digging and Liverpool Offside found out that these are not real pictures of the kits, but fan-made mock-ups based on descriptions by someone who claims to have seen the kits and has a good track record on these sorts of things. So, they're kind of real.

The popular Football Shirts website has found a possible leak of the 2013/14 Liverpool home, away and third kits. Needless to say, if these end up being real there might be an even big uproar than we saw over this season's questionable away and third kits.

Here's the image they posted.


The kind folks at the website do note there are reasons to believe these could be well done Photoshop fakes.

The pulling and stretching of fabric on the shirts around the Warrior Sports logo on the chest raises the question that these shirts aren't the genuine article, something we noticed on last years fakes.

I'm sure Liverpool supporters are desperately hoping their assessment of these potential jerseys are correct, while the rest of us are snickering and hoping exactly the opposite. I myself find it hard to believe that Liverpool would agree to the designs on the away and third kit, but stranger things have happened in soccer.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go spend the next 20 minutes doing my best Mutley impression.