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FMF and fun are feuding: Fed bans Angel Reyna's Mistico celebration

Say goodbye to Mexico's best goal celebration.

The FMF and fun are feuding.

Apparently the FMF was miffed that Angel Reyna's Mistico celebration was too wonderful so they banned it. Mexico's best, most creative and difficult goal celebration is no more thanks to the fun-haters in Mexico City. The celebration has now been relegated the the ever-reliable, but less amazing YouTube machine, instead of a stadium near you.

The FMF claims that Reyna's celebration is choreographed, which violates some draconian rule. Lost in the FMF's logic is that nobody cares if it is choreographed.

Here are the problems with the FMF:

  • They exist
  • They think people care about them
  • They're jealous they could never pull off such an awesome celebration
  • They hate fun
  • They hate super duper fun
  • They can't dance
  • Everything

Upon being told to stop doing the Mistico, Reyna said in a press conference, "joy in football in coming to an end."

Don't let the bastards get you down, Angel.