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Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, 2013 El Clasico: Video preview

Barcelona have some things to sort out after losing to AC Milan in the Champions League and Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey. Can they sort it out in a relatively insignificant Clasico?

El Clasico is back for the second time this week, but unfortunately it is in a watered down form. After playing a cracking match at the Camp Nou in the second leg of their Copa Del Rey semifinal that saw Real Madrid shock Barcelona, the two ides will meet again in a league match with absolutely nothing on the line.

Barcelona is going to win La Liga. Real Madrid will qualify for the Champions League. That's done and dusted so what is there to play for? Pride, sure, especially in a rivalry like this one, but that isn't enough to make this the kind of Clasico we've come to expect.

Just look at Real Madrid for how little this match matters. They are probably going to look past this match and rest their players ahead of the second leg of their Champions League tie with Manchester United next week. Without the best players out there, and with nothing at stake, it is tough to get excited about this Clasico.