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Goals of the Week: David Seaman redemption edition

This week's selection includes Eden Hazard against Manchester United, and two ridiculous lobs in the same game.

Clive Mason

5. Eden Hazard, Manchester United vs. CHELSEA

A masterful strategic maneouvre from Rafael Benitez to save their FA Cup clash against United, as he brings on his best player whom he had previously left on the bench. There is no limit to his tactical genius.

4. Mor Diouf, SUPERSPORT UNITED vs. Sundowns

Doing this at any time is remarkable. Doing it in the 88th minute to win the game is really something quite special.

3. Hassoun Kamara, MONTREAL IMPACT vs. Portland Timbers

It's an overhead kick, and you don't really need to hear much more about it than that.

2. Sebastian Romero, QUILMES vs. Argentinos

Good news for David Seaman - you can finally get over the shame of that Ronaldinho goal, because it happens to this man not only once...

1. Wilfredo Olivera, QUILMES vs. Argentinos

...but twice. To quote Oscar Wilde, being lobbed from a ridiculous angle once may be regarded as a misfortune, but twice looks like carelessness. And all while wearing Martin O'Neill-jogging bottoms, too. Oh, the embarrassment. It doesn't get that cold in Argentina. (Although, in fairness, a ponytail and moustache is probably worse aesthetics, and Seaman will probably never entirely atone for that.)