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FA will not take action against Callum McManaman

In a somewhat surprising move, the English FA has decided to not retroactively punish Wigan's Callum McManaman for his horror tackle over the weekend because an official saw the challenge.

Alex Livesey

By this point everyone has likely seen video, pictures or GIFs of Callum McManaman's horror tackle on Massadio Haidara in the Wigan Athletic vs. Newcastle United match. Unless you're Dave Whelan and you think it was a "fair" tackle, you had to expect that the FA would charge McManaman for the play, especially since it was not punished on the pitch. Sadly, you'd be wrong as the FA has decided to not charge McManaman at all.

Nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Apparently, you can now maul an opponent and not be retroactively punished for your actions as long as the referee sees your challenge, but not the full extent of it.

The FA offered this ... interesting defense of their lack of action against the Wigan player.

"It has been confirmed that at least one of match officials saw the coming together, though not full extent of the challenge. In these circumstances retrospective action cannot be taken."

Even though the tackle was seen by millions of people either live or over the past few days on replay, the FA won't do anything because none of their on-field officials saw anything.

Well done, FA! Hiding behind a rule interpretation that is widely disagreed with to avoid having to take a stand is lazy. Why do they even exist if not to help police the game and make up for instances on the field where an official doesn't get a good look at a play?

We spend a lot of time talking about how diving, match fixing and other issues are bringing down the game, but player safety is just as important. The FA have really dropped the ball today.

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