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Northern Ireland vs. Russia postponed to Saturday

Today's Group G World Cup qualifier between Northern Ireland and Russia has been postponed due to snow. Shockingly the game isn't in Russia, it's in Belfast, but with all the snow on the ground, it should feel like a familiar setting for most of the Russian players.

A heavy snowfall overnight and into the morning covered the pitch in a lovely white blanket. Stadium workers were joined by local volunteers in a mad scramble to get both the pitch and the travel routes to the stadium clear enough for the game. Despite their best efforts, officials determined the match could not be played today. There was also concern about more snow in the forecast that could lead to unplayable conditions should they attempt to play the match as scheduled.

As a result, the two teams will have wait until tomorrow to play their match at Windsor Park. Kickoff has been rescheduled for 3pm local time (10 am ET) tomorrow.